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Touched by the Arts Tattoo Studio Jacksonville FL

Your Next Tattoo Adventure Begins Here

Step into a world of creativity and skill with our best tattoo artists, each a master in their craft. With a blend of technical expertise and artistic finesse, our team ensures a personalized experience, understanding your unique style and preferences. From intricate designs to bold statements, our professional tattoo artists bring your ideas to life, leaving an indelible mark that reflects your individuality.


Selecting a tattoo artist whose style matches your vision is essential. Different art styles convey unique emotions and aesthetics, ensuring your tattoo reflects your personality accurately. Matching your tattoo needs with the right artist guarantees a seamless collaboration and enhances the overall outcome, resulting in a tattoo that holds deeper meaning and personal significance.

Tattoo Artist Edwardemar Bonilla Tattooing | Touched by the Arts Tattoo Studio


Your tattoo design should hold personal significance and resonate with you for years to come. Take time to research and reflect on potential designs, ensuring they align with your values, beliefs, and aesthetic preferences. Additionally, consider factors such as placement, size, and potential future implications of the tattoo. Choosing a design that speaks to you ensures a meaningful and fulfilling tattoo experience.

Tattoo Artist Edwardemar Bonilla Portrait Tattoo | Touched by the Arts Tattoo Studio



Explore our diverse lineup of Touched by the Arts Tattoo Studio's talented tattoo artists, each specializing in unique styles. From intricate designs to bold statements, find the perfect artist to bring your vision to life.

Tattoo Artist Edwardemar Bonilla Tattooing | Touched by the Arts Tattoo Studio


Edwardemar was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but he was raised in Puerto Rico. As a child he started tracing everything he found interesting and went on to drawing by observation from there. By the time he got to high school, he had developed the ability to replicate almost any image and had tunnel vision about perfecting his art.


Edwardemar got into tattooing in Puerto Rico at the age of 17, he started watching his first mentor and practicing on anyone who would let him. He had many mentors over the years who helped him reach the level he is at today. After many ups and downs in the world of art, today he continues to practice and carry the same addiction to perfecting his art and growing as a person. 

Jose Alonso

Currently residing in Jacksonville, Florida, Jose Alonso hails from the vibrant city of Valencia, Carabobo. With a passion for the artistry of tattooing, Jose has honed his skills as a talented tattoo artist.
Through his unwavering dedication to the artistry of tattooing, Jose has cultivated his craft and emerged as an exceptionally skilled tattoo artist. 
He tattoos all styles but specializes in color.



Bio coming soon - but the most important thing...view his portfolio

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